OAK!Check! 6.0    
Compatible with ACT! 2000/5.0     

OAK!Check! allows you to modify and analyze your ACT!®databases in ways not possible with your contact database alone.  OAK!Check! offers powerful update capabilities and data analysis functions. OAK!Check! improves the quality of data in your contact database and reduces the time involved in making meticulous changes that everyone dreads. OAK!Check! saves you more in labor effort than it costs, just in the first few times you use it!

Update attachment links to a new Drive letter/ path

History Analyze/Delete Capability

Important Notes

Area Code Updates were discontinued in 2004
64 bit OS, such as Win 7 64 bit,  have not been tested.

All of the Oakhurst Products have been developed for use with US versions of Microsoft Windows running US Regional Settings. The products may work on other versions of Microsoft Windows and other Regional Settings, however they are only developed and tested for US versions and settings.


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Area Code Updates Discontinued

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