ACT!PAK! 6.0 - Tools and Services to convert from ACT! to SalesForce

ACT! has many versions over the last 26+ years of its existence. Common to all versions of ACT! is unfortunately you cannot export the notes and history from INSIDE ACT!

However, we can convert any version of ACT, Goldmine, SalesLogix, Maximizer, Sharkware, and more into SalesForce. This can include the notes, history, attachment links, secondary contacts, activities/tasks, opportunities, and group memberships.  Contact us for a quote for us to export and format it for you as a service or you can do it yourself using a tool
We have a utility for $99 called ACT!PAK which can export the notes, histories, activities, and opportunities of some of the early versions of ACT! 
  OAK!Merge will export the same info from ACT 2007 and later. We offer a service to export ANY info from ANY version of ACT! or other CRM system

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ACT!PAK!  exports notes and history to CSV for importing into

It also provides a collection of functions that complement and extend the capabilities of ACT!® . ACT!PAK! capabilities encompass a wide range of functions represented by a Posse of Deputies for ACT!®.  Current ACT!PAK!  functions include:

  • Export notes and history to CSV for importing into

  • Creating triggers to AutoFill, Calculate, Increment, and Copy fields

  • Creating a campaign of events and applying the campaign to one or more contacts.

  • Merging a specific ACT!® contact or group record to a spreadsheet

  • Updating a specific ACT!® contact or group record with data from a spreadsheet

  • Backing up and restoring ACT!® databases

  • Providing a Data Dictionary for ACT!® databases that documents the database's structure

  • Exporting  ACT!® data, including Sales/Opportunity data


Key Benefits

  • Export notes and history from ACT! to 


Description SKU # Price
Full ACT!PAK!® OAK_001 99.00

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